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Welcome to the JeffCoBiking website, the online home of Jefferson County's cycling community - whether you are a hard-core cyclist interested in road, MTB, or gravel biking; a casual rider; a racer; or a beginner or just interested in learning more about cycling! Our Facebook group is the go-to place for local cyclists to connect, share tips and advice and photos, stories, and organize rides and events, information about the environmental and economic benefits of cycling, and resources for getting involved in cycling advocacy and community-building. We also have a calendar of upcoming rides and events that can be accessed here and on the Facebook group, so you can stay in the loop and plan and participate in your cycling adventures, biking events, and races.

On this website, you'll find a lots of information about cycling in Jefferson County, including bike resources and fun hill climbs, help in importing, exporting, and using routes and courses on various devices, and links and information for riders of all skill levels. And resources like the resource map for Jefferson County - need to find a place to fill up your water bottle on a long ride, a restroom, a trail? The biking resource map is the place. Maybe you would like a few example routes or some fun hill climbs, this website is the place to find them.

We also have a Strava group where you can see everyone's Strava cycling stats, see posts, and maybe have a little friendly competition with others.

If you post on social media (especially Instagram) consider adding the hashtag #jeffcobiking and/or #jeffconybiking to your posts and photos!

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