Welcome to the JeffCoBiking website, the online home and digital hub of Jefferson County's vibrant cycling community

Whether you're an avid road cyclist, mountain biker, gravel enthusiast, enjoy competitive cycling or maybe you're just starting out or am a casual rider, this site and our Facebook group caters to all. Here's how we enhance your cycling experience:

1. Community Connections: Join our active JeffCoBiking Facebook group to connect with fellow cyclists, share tips, photos, advice, stories, and to stay updated on local rides and events (or organize your own). You can find our community calendar of biking upcoming rides and events that can be accessed here and on the Facebook group, so you can stay in the loop and plan and participate in your cycling adventures, biking events, and races.

2. Interactive Features: Engage with our Strava group for discussions and local rides and events as well as to track your cycling stats, share achievements, and enjoy friendly competition.

3. Comprehensive Resources: Explore this website for a wealth of cycling information, including:
bulletBiking Resources, including local, NY state, and general.
bulletA visual resource map highlighting water stations, restrooms, trails, and more.
bulletSample routes - a few sample routes to try out.
bulletAssistance with route planning and device compatibility as well as importing/exporting routes on various devices.
bulletThrilling hill climb suggestions & stats.
bulletGravel biking insights.

4. Social Media Engagement: Don't forget to use the hashtags #jeffcobiking and/or #jeffconybiking when posting on social media to connect with our community and share your cycling adventures.

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